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We are pleased and honored to present to you ICA GROUP of companies as one of the largest leading companies in the Middle East that is specialized in the field of chemical industries and personal care items. ICA company was founded in 1961 as a public stock company with capital of (2,500,000 J.D) = (3,525,000 US$) that now reaches up to (10,000,000 J.D) (14,084,000 US$). Currently, the group has four companies that include six factories, and is considered an important tributary of the national economy through providing national products with world class products, employing a national qualified cadre of more than one hundred fifty employees and entering many export markets such as: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Palestine and other markets. What distinguishes our company is its development throughout the previous years, as it the preserved the accumulated experiences and communicated, kept good relationships with major international companies, worked with them hand in hand and applied the latest programs and systems in the areas of management, manufacturing and marketing to achieve its success over the years, through which the company has kept good and strong relations with its customers and suppliers. The policy of the company depends primarily on reducing pollution through the adoption of modern technologies and rational use of water as well as the rationalization of energy. In addition to preserving the environment, its objective is to match the official specifications and environmental standards and providing many services as well for the community including the provision of specialized training courses for the new graduates within an ideal environment for such purpose. The company constant goal is to serve its customers for many times. This will not happen, of course, unless we provide all their requirements on the basis of the highest quality and the lowest possible prices. That is why we try our best to keep up with all the developments in the world around us, to make sure that we offer the latest in the industry to our customers. The company has built strong foundations for high and sustained development. We believe that the company has become a mark on the world map, and we hope it will remain so for generations to come.

The Company Has The Fllowing Plants
Quality Assurance

The Company raises the slogan “QUALITY COMES FIRST!” so that it can be a title for all of its production operations. It adheres to this motto through its development of the measures and procedures of quality control, study and control of the specifications of the raw and manufactured materials of the Company, as well as applying statistical theories through the (Total Quality Management) system. The Company offers continuous training courses to all ranks of the people employed at it. It emphasizes the significance of quality and considers it to be the responsibility of all who work with the Company. The Company is supported by a laboratory administered by a highly-efficient team who operate the required sophisticated sets and instruments. Out of the strong attention and care given to “quality” by the Group of Al-Intaj Companies, and to keep in line with all that is new in the various fields of development and to establish continuous communications with the consumers, a specialized department has been created for the purposes of research and development. This department is not only provided with a technical staff that enjoys a high level of training and qualifications, but also it is equipped with all the potentials and equipment required for that purpose.

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